TAJIMA (10)PK BLADES (3/4"), FOR T2, L2, LC34 # LCB-50C

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Tajima “Endura-Blades” are made from premium steel, with  Japanese-style tempering and advanced multi-step sharpening. Strong and extremely durable, they are perfect for cutting mesh, EIFS (Styrofoam) panels, drywall, wood, and other thick construction materials. The Tajima “Endura-Blades” blades are dependable and offer continuous cutting performance.  

Benefits and features

  • Pack of 10 Endura-Blade™ blades
  • Ultra-sharp, heavy-duty 18mm Endura-Blade™ 8-pt snap-blade
  • Spare blade dispenser
  • Compatible with T2, L2 LC34