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A Polyerethane Hard-Coat Foam Coating Spray System for the Small User!

Our Poly-Spray™ system , a polyurea spray hardcoat for foam, gives you a better and more consistent spray performance. Perfect for the small user, our Poly-Spray™ system is applied with our Poly Spray Gun (PSG), quickly cures, giving you a smooth finish that's perfect for architectural facades, movie and theme park sets and props.

Typical applications are completed with 10-50 mils of coating depending on the substrate and desired impact resistance.  The applied coating will set in 7 minutes at 70°F, depending on film thickness, liquid material temperature and the substrate. It can be placed into services after 24 hours of cure time at 70°F minimum. It is encouraged to begin priming or painting the plastic at the first sign of cure, to maximize adhesion. Be sure to pretest untried paint for adhesion.

Benefits and features:

  • Applications cover both interior and exterior surfaces
  • Low VOC's
  • One Poly Spray™ Hard Coat 1500 ml Dual 750 ml Cartridge Set Covers 21 sq. ft. @ 30 mils
  • Water Resistant
  • Dries in 7 Minutes at 70 Degrees
  • Color Is Neutral
  • Coated foam may be painted after 7 minutes, and you can use a primer for better adhesion

Product Type- Dual Component

Application- Two Part Cartridge


Capacity- 2 x 750 ml.


Mix Ratio- 750ml. x 750ml. - 1:1 (Pre-configured Arrangement)

Nominal Thrust 1,188 lbs.
True Adjustable Air Regulator - 100 PSI Maximum
Instant Dump Valve
Support Discs - Secure and Accurate Cartridge Fit
Reverse Air - Plunger Return with Trigger
All Component Replaceable Parts
Air Hose Connector Included


Compressor Requirements:

Standard 5 hp compressor, with a 20 gallon tand capable of 10 to 12 CFM.  For optimum performance, the supply pressure must be greater than 100 P.S.I. and less than 145 P.S.I.  Protective clothing, eye and breating devices shold be worn.