POINTED ZETZ BLADE (EACH) (aka Zetz T-012/1.0)

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Choose the Zetz blade to suit the purpose. These blades are designed so that heat is concentrated along the cutting edge in order to achieve the optimum cutting temperature. Prior to insertion in the material to be cut, the temperature of the blades will be between 100°C and 800°C, depending on the type of blade and the thermocutter used. The temperature to the blade cools down as it enters the material. The temperature depends on the thermal properties and heat conductivity of the material being cut and determines the cutting speed. The cutting edge is evenly heated because of the design of the blade's cutting flanges.

  • Suitable for thermoplastics with higher melting points such as rubber, synthetic rubber, synthetic resins

  • Cutting rubber up to 90 Shore combustible, oil resistant rubber.

  • Cutting out rubber linings on containers, mixers, vibration and, conveyor chutes and troughs.

  • Angled cuts at joints on conveyor belts, camelbacks, rubber anti-abrasion coatings.

  • Cutting and peeling rubber sectioning belts and flexible PVC (supported or unsupported).




  These blades are designed so that heat is concentrated along the cutting edge for the optmum cutting temperature.



* Additional blades listed in Techincal Specifications

With long pointed blade flanges, ground both sides. For two-directional cuts. For cutting around templates. Also suitable for de-burring and trimming laminated solar panels.


1.0mm (thick) x 35mm (length)