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For over twenty years, our PBH Washer has been the industry leader. These mechanical fasteners provide strong resistance to positive and negative wind loads, with the 2” diameter of increasing resistance to wind load and offering 25% more pullover value than typical 1 ¾” washers. Our specifically designed “fingers closures” prevent moisture from passing through, thus preventing rust bleed through. A new, reinforced center hub design helps reduce overdriving, with an innovative cone structure that prevents pop-ups.

Pre-assembled EIFS PBH Washers with self tapping masonry screws will attach EPS insulation to concrete and masonry applications.

Benefits & features:

  • Approved by EIFS manufacturers for continuous insulation application
  • Tapcon™ masonry screws
  • Available in boxes of 1,000
  • Available wood / lite metal screws: 1 3/4", 2 1/4", 2 3/4", 3 1/4", 4", 5"



Assembled PBH EIFS Washers and Masonry Fasteners for use in concrete and mansonry PB polymer based applications. Allow a minimum of 3/4" embedment in masonry/concrete for proper holding power.

  • Box of 1000, EIFS PBH Washer and Tapcon Concrete Screws
  • Degrashield® Protection for Exterior Applications on EIFS or Decks: Meets or exceeds ASTM B117 20 cycles - 10% or less red rust. Salt spray 500 hours - 10% or less red rust on our wood lite metal and steel screws.
  • Excellent for use in fastening foam to EIFS  walls or on exterior decking

EIFS Concrete fasteners must have the best available protective coating. Because of this, we only offer the highest quality coated fasteners you can buy.  All of our Tapcon EIFS masonry fasteners have the approved Climaseal® coating.


Our fasteners not only meet the EIFS fastener coating requirement -- We Exceed Them!


Installation Points:


1.  Insulation Board shall be attached to the approved substrate horizontally with vertical joints staggered and butted tightly.

2.  PBH is designed to be used with EIFS Manufacturers

PB EIFS systems.

3.  Screws shall meet ASTM B117

4.  Install the PBH EIFS washers in a manner so the fastener

is flush with the surface of the Insulation Board. Do not exceed 1.6 mm (1/16”) below the surface.                                        

5.  Rasp the surface of the Insulation Board with a DuraRasp, TigerClaw or DuraVac DuraRasp™ to remove any irregularities.