MAX KIT, 2 1/2" & FABRIC BLADE (110 VOLT, 100 WATTS)

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The Demand Maxx Soldering Gun, Fabric & Foam blade 3 in 1 Hot Knife Kit produces 100 watt heat and comes with tip, 2 1/2" foam cutter blade, fabric cutter blade, cleaning brush and case.  Excellent for a wide variety of general soldering applications. It is ready to use in just 6 seconds and features a fingertip trigger.  It offers a comfortable grip design and a built-in power light indicator. The entire kit fits neatly in its own carry case.

  • 100 Watts of Power for Diverse Applications

  • Includes Soldering Gun, Tip, 2 1/2" Foam Cutter Blade, Fabric Cutter Blade, Cleaning Brush and Case

  • Additional Foam Carving Blades
  • Addition Fabric Cutting Blade
  • 120-volt transformer power supply

  • Ready to use in 6 seconds

  • Built-in power light indicator

  • Storage case included for convenience and portability

The Maxx Soldering Gun hot knife is used where more heat is needed than from pencil-style soldering iron. It an be used for heavy electrical connections, stained glass assembly, and light sheet-metal work. 

Temperature in the soldering gun hot knife is regulated manually by holding the button until the solder melts, and then releasing it. When the solder is about to start solidifying, the button is pressed again, and so on. An experienced worker quickly develops the skill to regulate the temperature according to need.


* This is limited-time-use hot knife tool


To avoid overheating and damaging the hot knife, depress the trigger for 15 seconds, then release the trigger for 15 seconds. Continue this cycle for a maximum time use. Depressing the trigger continually for more than 5 minutes at a time will cause heat damage and is not covered by the warranty.