AIR EXPRESS RASP 8 X 18 Uses Adhesive Rasp Paper

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  • RPM 8,500+ 

  • Weight 5 lbs 9oz 

  • Air Consumption 11.4 cfm @ 90psi 

  • Noise Level: 84 dBa

  • Each EIFS Air Rasp tool comes with one sheet 8" x 18", 16 grit rasp paper

Note: Air fittings not included


ORBITAL ACTION Contractors model KITAE818 air rasp for rasping and leveling EIFS foam walls. Dynamically balanced 8" x 18" aircraft aluminum pad supported by a 5-point Suspension generates 144 square inches of a full contact EIFS rasp.  Special-outriggers eliminate vibration.  Powered by an Air-Efficient Motor.


It is necessary to rasp the entire expanded polystyrene (EPS) surface prior to EIFS base coat application.   Completely removing the existing surface by rasping, removes any surface contaminants and the newly opened surface improves overall adhesion. Once complete it is necessary to remove any loose EPS material that remains on the wall surface and on the floor of the application area.


Rasping a EIFS EPS foam wall may be done with any of our DuraRasp rasp hand held rasping tools or by attaching self adhering our abrasive rasp paper to a standard rasp tool.  Our 4 foot Durarasp  rasp can sometimes be a more efficient method as it addresses more surface area and assists in substrate flatness.