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ENERFOAM™ 42 Professional Foam Sealant is a one-component, minimal expanding flexible polyurethane foam used for adhering insulated concrete forms, ICF block, EPS foam, EIFS, SIP panels,  architectural foam shapes and drywall, and sealing cracks and voids such as pipe penetrations. ENER42 expands only enough to generate an effective seal, retaining elasticity as the structure expands and compresses.

  • ENER42 is UL classified as a sealant; see Classification Certificate R13655. Meets ASTM D6464 and ICC-ES ESR-1961.
  • Expands to take the shape of cracks and voids, forming an airtight barrier
  • Reduces pathways where insects can enter
  • Can reduce drywall nail pops
  • Installs in minutes (tack-free within 6 minutes; trims within an hour – dependant upon temperature, relative humidity and size of foam bead)
  • Spray Gun Required for Application
  • Enerfoam 10 Cleans Gun for Optimal Service Length
  • One Spray Foam Can Is Equal to 40 Tubes of Sealant
  • 950 Lineal Feet at 1/2" Bead Foam
  • Used in ICF Construction, Building Continuous Insulation Systems, Weather Proofing, Sealing, Adhesive Applications, Foam Glue, Foam to Foam Adhesive

* ENER42 is prohibited on all domestic and international AIR shipments.




Tech Specs

Material Safety Data Sheets & Product Info Files

msds_enerfoam42.pdf89 k
ENER42 Description.pdf147 k
info_enerfoam.pdf61 k
Fgun Instructions.pdf85 k

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All of our products carry an unconditional 6-month guarantee, but Demand must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of defective or damaged merchandise or shortages. Defective products will either be replaced or repaired at no charge. Abused tools will be repaired and returned only if the customer consents to charges in writing.

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Item # Product Price
ENER42 30 oz Enerfoam 42 Spray Foam Adhesive $19.99 Add to Cart
KITENER42 Case of 12, Dow ENER42 Spray Foam (FREE GUN) $235.00 Add to Cart


Item # Product Price
FGUN2 Economy Dispensing Gun $34.50 Add to Cart
ENER14 Mid Range Dispensing Gun $85.00 Add to Cart

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