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Double Edge V-Tooth Blade

Recycling > Double Edge V-Tooth Blade
Double Edge V-Tooth Blade




  • Cuts soft to medium firm materials, Foams, Plastics, Rubber.
  • Designed for bi-directional cutting to increase production.
    Provides clean cuts.
  • Also available with 180 degree twist.
  • 3/8" to 3/4" wide or 10mm to 15mm
    .45mm and .020
    10, 12, 14 TPI


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Tech Specs

Please provide the following blade information when ordering or requesting a quote:


e-mail us at or call 1-800-325-7540


  1. Number of blades needed?
  2. Material being cut?
  3. Special cutting material information?
  4. Special cutting request/information?
  5. Length of blade? 
  6. Width of blade? 
  7. Thickness of blade if known? 
  8. Type of blade? 
  9. How many TPI, (teeth per inch)?
  10. Any special teeth request/configuration?
  11. Current supplier/manufacturer if known?
  12. Approximate blade usage per month?

Material Safety Data Sheets & Product Info Files

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Item # Product Price
DVBLADE Double Edge V-Tooth BladeShipping charges calculated at time of shipmentCall for Pricing 1.800.325.7540