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Soft PU Foam Rubber Cutting Saw

Soft PU Foam Rubber Cutting Saw
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Soft Polyurethane Foam and Foam Rubber Cutting Saw (no heat)


Dual Blades - One Moves


The AKU8 and AKU12 are simple multi purpose foam cutters that can cut most foams up to 8 ½ to 12 inches thick. They have 2 blades, one stationery and one moving. The blades are made from ½ inch (front to back) “V” tooth blade material (10 teeth per inch) to produce a fine reliable cut.

  • 8" or 12" Cutting Height
  • Variable Speed Control Foam Cutting Blades (no heat)
  • Compable to the Bosch Foam Rubber Cutter
  • Dual Foam Rubber Cutter Blades with One Moving Assures Smooth, Accurate Foam Cuts
  • Detachable Base with Glide Rollers
  • Cuts Soft Polyurethane Foam and Foam Rubber
  • Comfortable Handle Makes Foam Cutting Easier
  • Manufactured and Designed in the U.S.
  • 4.0-Amp Motor
  • 110-Volt Operation 

Tech Specs

Material Safety Data Sheets & Product Info Files

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Item # Product Price
AKU8 8" Akufoam PU Foam Rubber Cutter Saw $325.00 Add to Cart
AKU8P01 Set of 8" Replacement Blades $40.00 Add to Cart
AKU12 12" Akufoam PU Foam Rubber Cutter Saw $375.00 Add to Cart
AKU12P01 Set of 12" Replacement Blades $46.00 Add to Cart

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